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Ski Fundamentals

About FUNdamentals

The NZSIA FUNdamentals is a national framework and educational resource for children’s skiing and snowboarding in New Zealand.

The Fundamentals provides resources to snow sports schools and instructors to help in the delivery of their children’s programmes. The aim is to have a consistent skiing and snowboarding development pathway for children to follow throughout the country.

The progressions are based on NZSIA/SBINZ teaching concepts. There are six levels for the children progress through which develop balance, movement and performance skills in a variety of terrain and situations around the mountain.

The FUNdamentals also provides resources to parents and children to help prepare and inspire them for their time in the snow.

These are the ability levels that our Snowsport is based on, our staff are trained to assess what level you are, to maximise your learning.

Ski FUNdamentals

Snowboard FUNdamentals

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