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Terms & Conditions

  1. Membership validity: Membership is only valid when the current year’s subscription is fully paid. Membership year is from 1st January to 31st December.

  2. Age range definitions: For membership purposes age is taken as at 30th June.

    Child: Under 7 years old. Youth: is aged 7-17 years, or secondary school student with valid school ID. Adult: Aged 18 and over. Senior: Over 65 years. Student: Fulltime students enrolled at a New Zealand or Australian tertiary institution only on production of a valid identification card from the institute concerned. ISIC cards are not accepted.

  3. Members skiing/riding benefits (personal to each member and non-transferable):
    Diamond/Platinum Life Member - free any-day skiing/riding at Rainbow, for the rest of the member’s life.
    Gold Member – free any-day skiing/riding at Rainbow during each season that the membership is valid.
    Gold 2Parent1Card – free any-day skiing/riding at Rainbow for one parent at a time during each season that the membership is valid. Only one membership card will be issued which is expressly to allow alternate on-field supervision of under-7 children by one parent, while the other parent rides/skis.
    Silver Member - free mid-week skiing/riding at Rainbow during each season that the membership is valid.
    Bronze Member - 10% non-transferable discount off 1 day, 3 day and 5 day pass purchases during each season that the membership is valid.
    Members must carry and display their membership card at all times to receive skiing/riding benefits.

  4. Members reciprocal benefits:

    1. Gold, Diamond and Platinum members will be entitled to discounts off the full day pass at Cardrona.and Treble Cone Ski Areas.

      Discounts applied at Cardrona: $20 off Adult full day pass, $15 off Student day pass, $10 off Youth day pass.

    2. ALL members are entitled to CSA discounts at some CSA affiliated fields please check with each field first.

  5. Members Cumulative discount– from the 2015 season onward, Gold and Silver membership rates will be discounted by 5% for each continuous year of membership held at the same or higher level since 2014, up to a maximum cumulative discount of 20%. Discounts are non-transferable.

  6. Children under 7: may have their own membership card and ski for free on payment of a card fee of $10.00.

  7. Gold - 2Parent1Card:

    1. A colour photo of both parents in the 1 photograph must be provided – no sunglasses, scarves or hair to obscure facial features please.

    2. 2Parent1Card membership cards must be picked up from Rainbow ticket office by both parents and the child under 7 – for verification.

    3. If it is discovered that this special membership is being used for any other purpose than shared supervision of under-7 children on-field while one parent

      skis/rides, then the membership will be cancelled immediately with no refund.

  8. Family Gold Membership: 2 adults and 2 youth (aged 7-17) from immediate family.

    1. Can include 3 generations (grandparent, parent and 2 youths)

    2. Extra youth must be from immediate family

    3. Child under 7 skis for free ($10 if wants a photo seasons pass and bronze membership)

    4. Each applicant must complete a separate application form and provide a recent photo

  9. Refund policy:

    1. Rainbow Sports Club memberships are non-refundable.

    2. Memberships may, however, be downgraded to a lower level prior to 1 July in any year and the difference between any amount already paid and the current

      cost of the downgraded membership level will be refunded, less a processing charge of $15.

    3. If the field does not open during the season for lack of snow, membership will be carried over to the next season.

  10. Loss or theft:

    1. Should your membership card be lost or stolen, this must be reported immediately to Rainbow Sports Club. Theft should also be reported to the police. A

      replacement membership card will be issued as soon as it can be processed, for a fee of $15.00. There will be a delay of several days.

    2. Until such time as the membership card can be re-issued, you may purchase the applicable day pass for your age for 50% of the normal price.

  11. Forgotten membership card:

    1. If you forget your membership card, you may purchase the applicable day pass for your age for 50% of the normal price, provided that you can supply

      acceptable identification. This service will be offered once, only, in a season.

    2. Should the membership card in question appear on the day of it having been forgotten, and a day pass has been issued in its place, the membership will be

      revoked without compensation.

  12. General conditions of membership:

    1. You must carry and display your membership card on your person at all times on the field.

    2. Your membership is NOT TRANSFERABLE. Fraudulent use of your membership or membership card will result in confiscation of the card, cancellation of your

      membership without refund or compensation, and the prosecution of all parties involved in the fraudulent use.

    3. All Rainbow Sports Club members must abide by the snow users responsibility code and the instructions of safety personnel. Misconduct will result in the

      cancellation or suspension of membership privileges. Misconduct includes unsocial behaviour, reckless or dangerous conduct, the supply of incorrect or

      misleading information relating to membership, and non-compliance with terms expressed or implied relating to the club and ski-field.

    4. Members must comply with reasonable instructions issued by the staff that operate the field.

    5. You may not use your membership for any commercial use.

    6. Our objective is to make the use of the resort a pleasant and safe experience for all users.

    7. Members assume all risk of personal injury and property loss or damage. The member understands that skiing and snowboarding and other snow-sport are

      hazardous sports and that many hazards and obstacles, marked and unmarked, natural and man-made, exist within the Rainbow Ski Area boundaries. The member uses the area at his or her own risk.