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Rainbow and Covid Alert Level Two

 Due to level 2 we will be taking some extra precautions ...
-We will have a road block at the bottom and will be contact tracing EVERYONE that comes up. (name/phone number/email)
-Inside areas will have limited capacity and we will be social distancing in ticket and lift lines. 
-We have extra cleaning and sanitizing going on. 
We will have limited capacity on shuttles to ensure social distancing is adhered to. If you take a shuttle the Mount Robert Lodge will be your pick up and drop off point, this is where you can store gear. Remember from Monday 31st August masks and mandatory on public transport. No mask no transport 
-Your car is your day lodge, to ensure we can social distance if you have a vehicle please use this for gear storage and breaks/lunch times. 
-Please ski/ride in your bubbles.
-We will be managing physical distancing on mountain so please follow the signs and maintain physical distancing between you and anyone not in your bubble.
-There may be some delays so please be patient as we get these protocols in place.
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