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Sustainability @ Rainbow

Sustainability at Rainbow

Like you, we love Rainbow. We all get to enjoy a pristine mountain experience right on our backdoor.  We want to encourage our members and visitors to actively look after our environment where we can and make small changes that collectively add up to be a big effort to protect what we have.

Tree Planting 2021 sees the beginning of a native tree planting project to help offset our Co2 emissions from 2021, and the future.  Trees grown from local seed, will be planted on a local farm – our aim is 1,000 trees in December 2021 and more to follow in Autumn next year.  Members are invited to help with this initiative. 

Rubbish & Recycling

We want to encourage you to think about your rubbish and recycling that you bring to the mountain and take it home with you where possible.  In 2022 we will be working towards a Zero Waste Policy for Rainbow.  We will keep you updated as this comes into place.  Unfortunately given our location, your Recycling has a better chance of reaching the desired location, if you can dispose of it at home.  2021 has seen the purchase of a trailer to be converted into a Recycle Trailer through the help of a grant.  While the Committee continues to work towards setting up a more complete Recycling program on the mountain your help would be appreciated., we ask you please take your own rubbish home – be a tidy Kiwi!


Our Commitment to you is to continue to improve in our Café with our packaging, and throwaway items. This year we aim to increase the use of reusable dishes, cups and glassware.  You can help us too! Our staff are busy and bringing your own ‘Keep Cup’ to our Café helps not only our environment but on staffing resources. A discount will be given to those who use a 'Keep Cup'. Rainbow was pleased to introduce the sale of the “Rainbow Keep Cups” in 2021, thank you to those that purchased these from us.


Rainbow is excited to be involved this year in the Snowriders Carpooling Initiative – check it out here

Carpooling and filling up your car not only helps our environment but your fellow Skiing or Boarding friends. Rainbow continues to offer our Shuttle service – see for all options.

Water Bottles

We have our drinking refill station conveniently placed behind the public bathrooms for you to fill your own bottles.  Permanently chilled water always on tap!

Kea Conservation

You may have read we have spent quite a bit of time and manpower this year on protecting these native visitors to our Mountain.  2021 has seen all lead screws on Rentals, A Frame, Staff room, and Staff accommodation have been replaced. New ridges replaced as lead has been found under them. Painting completed to get all our buildings looking smart in matching Karaka green.  Thank you Yealands Estate Wines for the grant to do this important work on our field. Over Summer 2021-2022 another grant received from Yealands Estate Wines will be used to remove all tyres from the field.

Pest Control
Rainbow Ski field is fortunate to have local Community protecting our borders with the National park by trapping.  Predators include the likes of possums, rats and stoats that limit food sources for native birds and destroy our native flora.