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Rainbow Sports Club

The Rainbow Ski Area is owned and operated by the Rainbow Sports Club Inc. Membership is open to anyone interested in ongoing snow sports in the Top of the South. The Club has a Committee (currently seven members), and employs staff to manage and operate the field.

By buying a seasons pass you automatically become a member of the club. 

Want to be part of rainbow but not buy a seasons pass then the membership only pass is what you need. As well as showing your support for rainbow and helping us be the best little field in New Zealand. We will use the membership fee towards our groomer replacement fund, you will enjoy discounts on day passes, AGM voting rights and access to the volunteer days 

This pass will also get you $10 off a day pass for the 2021 season 

Buy your membership online here

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2019 AGM Minutes

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2020 Audited Financials

2020 AGM Minutes

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