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Snow School

Rainbow's Ski & Board School is ready to help you improve your skiing or snowboarding skills, seven days a week throughout the season! Whether you are new to the slopes, or have been skiing or riding for a while our team of qualified instructors can take your ability to the next level. Our team of certified snowboard and ski instructors hails from New Zealand and around the world and hold instructing certifications from the NZ Ski Instructors Alliance and associated international instructors organisations.

What to Expect

Rainbow offers group lessons, private lessons, and coaching programmes to cater for all levels of skier or snowboarder from novice to expert. If you sign up for a group lesson you will be assessed for current ability and then assigned to an instructors with other skiers/riders of similar ability for your lesson. Private lessons offer the opportunity for either one-on-one coaching, or a group lesson with just your family or friends, and coaching specific to your individual needs. Rainbow's coaching programmes offer promising young skiers and snowboarders the opportunity to develop their competitive skills over the season.


Check out our Ability level chart here!

Lesson Times

Rainbow's Ski & Board School operates seven days a week whenever Rainbow is open, throughout the season. Group lesson times are: 10am, 12.15pm and 2.15pm, and private lessons may be scheduled any time between 9am and 3pm. Note that during week days (Mon-Fri) our instructors may be busy teaching school groups in the morning, so you may be offered an afternoon lesson. Group lessons are 1 hour 45 minutes long, and private lesson's can be from 0.5 hour to 3 hours long.

How to Book

You can sign up for a lesson by visiting the Ticket Office at the field. Lessons can be purchased by themselves or as part of a package (e.g. Day pass + Lesson + Equipment Rental ) - visit our the Ski & Board School Pricing page for lesson pricing. Once you have booked and paid for your lesson you will be given a time for the start of your lesson - make sure you are at the Ski School meeting area at the assigned time!

What to Bring

Once you have booked your lesson you will need to turn up with your ski or snowboard gear on and ready to go, either your own gear or from Rainbow's Rental department 

  • Skiers - You will need properly fitted ski boots, skis, and poles, warm clothes, sun glasses or goggles, and sunblock.
  • Snowboarders - You will need properly fitted snowboard boots, a snowboard, warm clothes, sun glasses or goggles, and sunblock. We recommend that snowboarders wear a wrist guard as well.

We recommend that both skiers and snowboarders consider wearing a snow-sports helmet during their lessons (and preferably at all times). And don't forget to bring a smile and a sense of adventure - you are going to have fun!

Other Questions?

You can find lesson and package pricing here. If you need any further information or guidance don't hesitate to talk to our friendly Ticket Office staff, or our Snow School Supervisor - they will be pleased to help you!