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Rainbow Update 5th August 2019

With the scale of the incident and the fact we needed to use groomers to clear the ice we made the decision last night to close today so that we can do a full assessment and repairs on the road.  This includes getting it back into a safe condition, as several sections are extremely icy. In addition, we are evaluating and mitigating the avalanche risks on the upper section of our road.  And finally for Health & Safety reasons, our Operations Teams needed time (sleep) this morning to get caught up on the aftermath of yesterday, so that we can deliver a quality product tomorrow, Tuesday the 6th of August.

As always we balance being open and ensuring we can do so safely, we balance the number of staff that we have on, with the need to ensure we cover costs and keep prices down so we can continue to run this incredible field we have.

We do rely on people making their own good judgements re the weather conditions and their gear and follow our rules re chains and speed limits.  The road is two way and that means uphill cars giveway to the downhill cars.

We have received several emails and seen the social media comments both good and bad.  We do appreciate the feedback and acknowledge we could do better in some areas.

As always after an incident of yesterday’s size and nature, we will do a full investigation on our response and update our emergency plans and community accordingly.

We will be back open tomorrow, Tuesday, the 6th of August and here is a link to the upcoming weather forecast which includes more snow:

On behalf of our 2019 Staff, the Rainbow Sports Club Committee we look forward to seeing you tomorrow,



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