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Rainbow Ski Club AGM

Members and potential members, this Wednesday the 27th we have the Rainbow Ski Club AGM held at Wairau River Wines in Blenheim. Details are on our website including our audited financials and James' report.

If you have questions for general business or the accounts send an email to Mark here. We look forward to seeing you there. Doors open at 5.30pm for a 6.00pm start and a prompt finish.

Membership Sale 2019 Last Chance

This is your last week to get discounted membership passes. The price goes up on the 1st of April so buy now to avoid disappointment. Purchase your pass on our website here with the pricing here. This is the most cost-effective way to enjoy the 2019 season and we thank you for your support.

Our Key Dates for 2019 are on our website here including our opening on the 28th of June! We just wanted to highlight the McRae Bike Challenge on the 5th of May and the Ski Sale in Nelson and Blenheim on the 25th and 26th May respectively. You can see more on the website or like our facebook page here for more updates. 2

Corporate Partnerships 2019

We have embarked on an ambitious plan to improve the snow at Rainbow and we have ordered two new snow guns. We would like to order three more and that, plus an upgrade of the facilities requires more great corporate partners. Partnering with Rainbow is a great opportunity to reach a wide and active community. Check out the partnership document here and/or contact James Lazor at

Work Parties 2019

Our wish list has been updated so if you have the following skills we would love to hear from you. Each task includes either a Season’s or a Day Lift Pass. Check out the list below and if you can help please email us here and we will come back to you to coordinate dates.

1. Mt Robert Northern Eaves - Team of 4 for one day. Qualified to put scaffolding together, and paint at height. We will provide the scaffolding – Payment as per experience.

2. Paint inside staff accommodation – Day Lift Passes

3. Flattening the area outside rentals. Dig out posts on exterior, level all posts, box outside of existing posts. Boxing would need to be done by a builder as it will need to very strong. Small steps, maybe – Day Lift Passes

4. More open lockers for inside cafe – Day Lift Passes

5. Spring cleaning. Rentals, Cafe, Staffroom – Day Lift Passes

6. Extra Staff Accommodation Room – needs painting and possible lights – Day Lift Passes

7. If any of our members have any old appliances that are gathering dust, we need to replace our Staff Accommodation oven, two (2) fridges, and a chest freezer. We also need a fridge for the A-frame for either the Race Team or School Groups. 8. Directors Hut needs to be stripped and painted – Team of 4 for one day. Qualified to put scaffolding together, and paint at height. We will provide the scaffolding – Payment as per experience. Season Pass per person if both painting areas are done.(1 & 8) Thanks for reading and see you at the AGM 

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Newsletters 2019

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5th of March 2019 - Season Passes, Summer Maintenance & AGM

14th of December 2018 - Early Bird Passes & Corporate Partners

23rd of November 2018 - Season Passes on Sale,, 2019 Pricing & Open in the Summer