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Rainbow Newsletters

Rainbow and Covid Alert Level Two

How will Rainbow operate in Alert Level Two?

Due to level 2 we will be taking some extra precautions ...

-We will have a road block at the bottom and will be contact tracing EVERYONE that comes up. (name/phone number/email), To speed this up download the Covid Tracing app and use it
-Inside areas will have limited capacity and we will be social distancing in ticket and lift lines.
-We have extra cleaning and sanitizing going on.
-We will have limited capacity on shuttles to ensure social distancing is adhered to. If you take a shuttle the Mount Robert Lodge will be your pick up and drop off point, this is where you can store gear. Remember from Monday 31st August masks and mandatory on public transport. No mask no transport

Mountain Manager Update from Tom

Dear members and friends of the 'Bow'

This is an update to let you know what has been happening up at Rainbow over the past few weeks.

No snow and warm temps is the very short version.

I'm sure you have all felt it down at lower elevations, but it has been unseasonably warm this year. On top of this we have had very few weather systems and large blocking highs. This has resulted in the perfect no snow season.

As you would have seen from the posts we have managed to keep beginners, intermediate and Tower 4 on the T-Bar open. This is all man-made snow but the warm nights have prevented us snow making any higher. Not for a lack of trying but we need mother nature to come to the party.

2020 Open Day Saturday 25th

We are all getting very excited for the start of the 2020 ski season. If you like our Facebook page you would have seen all the preparation that has been undertaken including snowmaking to get the field ready. What we haven't had, is Mother Nature doing her bit. The weather has been very warm and the recent rain events mean we don't yet have the coverage to open this Friday. There is more snow in the forecast so we hope to be open this weekend. This will be T Bar to Tower 4 only, Intermediate Platter and Beginners Slope. Watch facebook and the website for more detail and hope for snow this Tuesday.

Marlborough Tour Company Rainbow Bus Service

New partnership with MTC and Rainbow makes skiing even easier
We are really pleased to announce our new partnership with Marlborough Tour Company to make it even easier to go skiing at Rainbow. Take the shuttle direct from Blenheim to the mountain, no worries re chains or parking. A direct to lift service. They will even arrange lift passes

The 2020 Season is on.

Rainbow to open on the 24th July at 9.00am
Thanks to all those that have purchased 2020 Seasons Passes. The great news is, we exceeded our target by 50 passes so it's with great pleasure that we can declare the 2020 season on. We are scheduled for opening on Friday 24 July at 9.00am pending weather/snow.

Even more exciting is to see snow in the forecast next week. You can still purchase your pass online at

Read on to get more details on passes, management of the field, the AGM and our ski sales.

Zero Cases, Zero Covid Tracing Fee

Season Pass Sale Extended to the 15th of June
Plenty of good news to share. Firstly thanks to All New Zealanders for getting us to Level One. There has been plenty of work preparing for the season but to be able to remove restrictions on the indoor spaces and lift lines feels positive for the season ahead.

We still need to be prepared in case we have to move back up the Levels but at least we have the systems in place, ready, if we do. The pass sales have been going really well and we are 20 passes away from making our number.

The BIG News

As we do not have to Contact Trace we are removing the Covid Tracing Fee. We no longer have to employ staff for the bottom of the hill, put in connectivity and build the shed in the carpark. For all those that have paid the fee, thank you and we will refund this back to your credit card. We will reserve the right to bring this back if the alert level changes but from now its gone.

Rainbow Ski Season 2020

Our Season Outline
Due to the good work across New Zealand we are now in Alert Level 2 and we can open the field. Our priority is to ensure we can operate safely and within the Government guidelines. The following will apply for Alert Level One where Contact Tracing, Social Distancing, good public hygiene remain and as do border restrictions.

Summary of the 2020 Season

Due to the good work across New Zealand we are now in Alert Level 2 and we can open the field. Our priority is to ensure we can operate safely and within the Government guidelines.
The 2020 Rainbow Season

Due to the good work across New Zealand we are now in Alert Level 2 and we can open the field. Our priority is to ensure we can operate safely and within the Government guidelines.

Our focus is on:
• Health and Safety
• Contact Tracing
• Simplicity
• Financial Prudence
• Enjoyment

Please see our COVID-19 FAQs for guidance on updating your details ahead of the season.

Thank you everyone for your patience and offers of assistance as we have worked through the scenario of if we could open this year and what it would look like if we did.

20th of May - Well how is this for great news,


11th of May - The Government gives the go ahead for Ski Resorts to operate.

Congratulations New Zealand. We are all looking forward to when the country goes from our current Alert Level 3 to Alert Level 2, safely.

All of us in the Ski Industry have been successfully working together to lobby the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) to address critical needs to ensure an operating season and through SAANZ the resorts have developed Alert Level 2 safe operating protocols for our industry.

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