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Ski Instructor Course Details

August 25 – August 29

Aug 25 at 8 AM to Aug 29 at 4 PM

Ski Level One

Ski Level One Certification is the entry-level instructor’s course aimed at people interested in joining the snow sports industry. A Level One Ski Instructor is certified to teach first time skiers up to advanced wedge turns. The five-day course is primarily an educational course with assessments in skiing and teaching.  Book online at


Length: 5 days

Certification resource: The NZSIA Ski Instructor’s Manual is required reading for this course. The manual is included in the course registration fee.

Pre-requisites: You must be an associate member or full member and have the ability to ski with parallel turns. You must be at least 16 years of age at the start of this course.

** Before you take the Ski Level One you must complete the Ski E-Learning Level One online course, based on information in the 2017 Ski Instructor’s Manual. You can access the e-learning system through your member profile. Look at the course outline for further information. **

Assessment Process

Ski Level One sessions will cover and assess:

  • NZSIA technique and mechanics.
  • Basic teaching methodology.
  • Personal skiing skills and fundamental skill demonstrations.
  • NZSIA progression for first time skiers through wedge turns.

Candidates’ teaching ability is assessed in three teaching presentations during the course. Technical and Teaching theory are assessed by way of an online course.

To achieve this qualification candidates should be parallel skiers using a pole touch and various turn radii on most groomed terrain and easy off-piste. Freeskiing elements will be used as part of skill development. Candidates’ skiing and wedge turn demonstrations are continually assessed throughout the five days.

Click here for Level One analysis training videos. See the Level One exam videos here.