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AGM Notice and Details

Agenda for RSCI 14th Annual General Meeting 6.00pm Thursday 5th April 2018 to be held at the boardroom of Sports Tasman, Sports House, Saxton Field, Nelson. Address is Sports House 142 Saxton Rd East, Stoke, Nelson 7011.

Download the previous minutes here

Download the draft accounts here

Agenda  (Download Agenda Here)

Sports Tasman Boardroom, Nelson

Rainbow Sports Club Inc. 

Box 76,

St Arnaud

RSCI 14th Annual General Meeting 6.00pm Thursday 5th April 2018, 

Sports Tasman Boardroom, Nelson

1. Apologies notified. 

2. Minutes from March 2017 Annual General Meeting (for the 2016 season)

Resolution: that the minutes of the meeting held Tuesday 28th March 2017 be accepted.

3. Presentation of 2017 Annual Report (Andrew Noble) 

Resolution: that the 2017 Annual Report is accepted  

4. Presentation of Financial report and summary for the year ended 30 November 2017 (Treasurer Andrew Smith). 

Resolution: that the Financial Report for the year ended 30 November 2017 is accepted.  

5. Appointment of 2017 auditors

Resolution: that Graeme Scarlett of Independent Auditors Limited be appointed as Auditor for the 2018 financial year. 

6. Appointment of Committee Members. (Note the retirement of Jo Rainey)

Resolution: that Peter Johnstone, Andrew Smith, Andrew Noble, Justin Hall and Mark Unwin be confirmed as members of the committee.

7. Membership subscription

Resolution: that the membership pricing as outlined on the website and by newsletter is confirmed. 

8. General Business