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2019 Rainbow Events


Sun, 5th May

Sat, 25th May

Sun, 26th May

Friday, 28th June

8th - 27th July

5th July - 1st August

Mt McRae Challenge

Snow Gear Sale - Nelson

Snow Gear Sale - Blenheim

Opening Day 2019        More FM Beats n BBQ Party

Better Work Stories - More FM

Roadie to Rainbow - The Edge

      Sat, 20th & Sun, 21st July

      Sat, 3rd August

      Rainbow Retro Weekend

      Partners & Members BBQ

      Sun, 11th August

      Tues, 13th August 

      Sat, 17th & Sun, 18th, August


      Sat, 24th August 



      Summit Batty Race 

      Peters Doig Secondary School Champs

      Rainbow Pride Weekend & King/Queen of the Mt - Big Mt event  held on Six-1 

      SBINZ Snowboard Level 1 Instructor Course

      Rainbow Atomic Masters  

      NZSIA Ski Level 1 Instructor Course 

      Snowsports NZ Interfields

      Wed, 18th September

      Sat, 21st September

      Sun, 22nd September

      Sun, 29th September

      Solander Primary School Champs 

      Rainbow Club Champs

      SLUSH CUP     

      2019 Closing Day