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2019 Rainbow Events


Sun, 5th May

Sat, 15th June

Sun, 16th June

Friday, 28th June

8th - 27th July

15th - 19th July

5th July - 1st August

Mt McRae Challenge

New Date - Snow Gear Sale - Nelson

New Date - Snow Gear Sale - Blenheim

Opening Day 2019        More FM Beats n BBQ Party

Better Work Stories - More FM

SBINZ Snowboard Level 1 Instructor Course 

Roadie to Rainbow - The Edge

      Sat, 3rd August

      Partners & Members BBQ

      Sun, 4th August  Rainbow Retro Day

      Sun, 11th August

      Tues, 13th August 

      Sat, 17th & Sun, 18th, August

      Sun, 18th, August

      Sat, 17th & Sun, 18th, August

      Sat, 24th August 


      Summit Batty Race 

      Peters Doig Secondary School Champs

      Rainbow Pride Weekend

      King/Queen of the Mt - Big Mt event  held on Six-1 

      Snowsports NZ Interfields

      Rainbow Atomic Masters  

      NZSIA Ski Level 1 Instructor Course 

      Wed, 18th September

      Sat, 21st September

      Sun, 22nd September

      Sun, 29th September

      Sun, 3rd of May 2020

      Solander Primary School Champs 

      Rainbow Club Champs

      SLUSH CUP     

      2019 Closing Day 

      Mt McRae Challenge