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Work Parties 2019

We have specific tasks that we would like to accomplish with our 2019 Work Parties.  With each task we have assigned the value for that task i.e. a Season’s Pass or a Day Lift Pass.  The tasks below are what we have so far, so please e-mail if you are interested and we will coordinate the dates to complete the task:

·       Lead checks

·       Mt Robert Northern Eaves - Team of 4 for one day. Qualified to put scaffolding together, and paint at height.  We will provide the scaffolding – Season Pass

·       Picnic Tables – Already assigned

·       Paint inside staff accommodation – Day Lift Passes

·       Flattening the area outside rentals. Dig out posts, level area, box outside of existing posts, fill with material. Boxing would need to be done by a builder as it will need to very strong. Small steps, maybe – Day Lift Passes

·       More open lockers for inside cafe. Probably just buy the lockers and install – Day Lift Passes

·       Spring cleaning. Rentals, Cafe, Staff Room – Day Lift Passes

·       Extra Staff Accommodation Room – needs painting and possible lights – Day Lift Passes

·       If any of our members have any old appliances that are gathering dust we need to replace our Staff Accommodation oven, two (2) fridges and a chest freezer.  Also we are looking for a fridge for the A Frame