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Rainbow Sports Club

The Rainbow Ski Area is owned and operated by the Rainbow Sports Club Inc. Membership is open to anyone interested in ongoing snow sports in the Top of the South. The Club has a Committee (currently seven members), and employs staff to manage and operate the field.

2018 Work Parties

Help out with working parties – our club thrives on volunteer contribution both on and off-field. During the summer / autumn, hundreds of man-days of work are contributed servicing, repairing and maintaining equipment and buildings. Member volunteers working for two or more work party days on the ski field will be recognised for their efforts in the form of WP credits towards lift and membership passes. Work Parties generally run every second weekend through the summer, and involve all sorts of tasks ranging from building maintenance and painting, repairs to equipment, clothing & uniforms, snow fencing, terrain work, rubbish clean-up, mechanical maintenance, electrical work, computers and communications maintenance and lifts maintenance. We can usually find tasks to suit volunteers of all ages, capabilities and skills.

Rainbow Skifield working bee
Bobs at Rainbow skifield working bee
Rainbow skifield working bee


This year we are focussing our resources on specific projects aimed at improving our café patio area, some roof maintenance, director’s hut, staff day room, Robert Lodge. We have a range of work from unskilled through to technical that needs to be completed before winter, so if you are interested in helping out your club we would love to hear from you. The work party schedule is:

  • Sat 12th May
  • Sat 19-20 May Snow Gear Sale - Nelson & Blenheim
  • Sat 26th May
  • June Maybe

As in previous years, we will aim to run work parties on Saturday, depending on volunteer availability, weather and work programme. If the pressure mounts due to weather, or other factors, we can add weekends between dates to suit.

As usual dates and project focuses will be confirmed 4 days prior to the confirmed date to allow for flexibility in parts/contractors and weather when possible. This will be via our work party email lists so be sure to subscribe!

So, if you would like to come up and help for a day or weekend this summer or help us out in town then drop us a line to with your contact details, and we'll be in touch!

Club Membership

Membership in the Rainbow Sports Club Inc is open to everyone. The club offers a number of levels of membership to suit everyone that combine membership and skiing/riding benefits at Rainbow Ski Area:

  • Diamond/Platinum Life Member - free any-day skiing/riding at Rainbow, for the rest of the member’s life.
  • Gold Member – free any-day skiing/riding at Rainbow during each season that the membership is valid.
  • Gold 2Parent1Card – free any-day skiing/riding at Rainbow for one parent at a time during each season that the membership is valid. Only one membership card will be issued which is expressly to allow alternate on-field supervision of under-7 children by one parent, while the other parent rides/skis.
  • Silver Member - free mid-week skiing/riding at Rainbow (excluding school holidays & public holidays) during each season that the membership is valid.
  • Bronze Member - 10% non-transferable discount off 1 day, 3 day and 5 day pass purchases during each season that the membership is valid.

Rainbow Sports Club members may also be eligible to the following reciprocal skiing/riding benefits at other ski areas:

  • Gold, and Platinum members will be entitled to discounts off the full day pass at Cardrona, Treble Cone, and Mt Lyford.
  • ALL members are entitled to reciprocal discounts at other NZ club ski fields including Hanmer Springs (Amuri Ski-field), Craigieburn, Broken River, Mt Cheeseman and Mt Olympus.

All levels of membership also include the following members benefits :

    • Access to Rainbow Ski Field's pre-opening day; you can hit the Rainbow slopes the day before the public does!
    • Exclusive access to the Robert Lodge facilities at Rainbow Ski Area during weekends (Lodge open to school use during week).
    • Voting rights at the Rainbow Sports Club Inc. AGM
    • Cumulative membership subscription discount of up to 20% based on length of membership since 2014
    • Coaching clinics & development
    • Affiliate discounts at Canterbury Snowsports Association affiliated fields including Mt Cheeseman, Broken River, Craigieburn, Temple Basin, Mt Olympus, Fox Peak and Hanmer Springs (Amuri Ski-field).
    • Membership-only specials including discount equipment offers.
    • Access to the summer volunteer programme which will compensate each day’s contribution with a free day pass voucher (or more if you have trade/professional skills).

To apply for Membership, go to our Season Pass & Club Membership page .  Read our constitution here