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Rainbow Cafe

fine espresso @1500M

All of our meals from the menu are made in the café kitchen from fresh ingredients and using organic (Rapunzel) vegetable stocks.

Our menu changes daily and may include some of the following:

Soup of the day served with crusty bread and butter
tomato & ginger / Indian pumpkin / celery & almond / turnip & blue cheese
Hungarian goulash - a hearty beef dish with red peppers, caraway seeds, & tomatoes
Chilli con carne (mild) - beef, red beans, red capsicums, chilli, paprika, oregano, and cumin served with basmati rice
Bratwurst (mild German sausage) served on a bun with ketchup and / or mustard
Tarka dal - an Indian dish made with split peas and spices served with flatbread (vegan)
Falafel - baked chickpea balls with cumin served in a pitta pocket with salad, tahini sauce and optional chilli sauce (vegan)
Chicken curry with cashews served with rice
Greek lentil & chard stew - lentils, carrots, chard, lemon, mint (vegan) with optional feta
Tuscan bread - a pizza base topped with ricotta, sun dried tomatoes & herbs 
A selection of Dads Pies   
A selection of ciabatta rolls or bagels filled with the following:
ham, mustard, mesclun salad / pastrami, chutney, mesclun salad /
hummus, sun dried tomatoes, greens
salami, pickle, gherkins / salmon, cream cheese, red onions /


Excluding our jumbo croissant and pain au chocolat, all other sweet treats are made in our little kitchen and include:
double chocolate buttercream gateau
Linzer torte - raspberry jam, almonds & peanuts
carrot cake - with cream cheese frosting & mini carrots
chocolate truffle - orange, brandy, cream and lots of chocolate
raspberry rings - shortcrust pastry with raspberry jam
chocolate chippies - warm out of the oven

Kiddie Kai

baked beans with a sausage, a pack of raisins and a marshmallow spaceman
kids sandwiches - peanut butter & jam / ham & ketchup / tuna & mayo

We serve locally roasted organic fair trade coffees from Pomeroys of Nelson.
We look forward to seeing you at Rainbow (aniwaniwa) Café 

 Download our menu here.